Don’t let fear be a Thief

  Can one decision really change your life? The answer is YES Sometimes we get so caught up in the reasons not to change that fear takes over and we end up saying i “shoulda, coulda,woulda” down the line, the excuses we create prevent us from reaching our full potential. If you go into something thinking i can’t do this then you won’t, you wouldn’t start a business thinking it’s going to fail or go into the gym thinking i can’t lift pass X weight as it will become a mental barrier to you achieving your potential. The mind is … Continue reading Don’t let fear be a Thief

The Journey

The past is important as it brought us to who we are today, it’s a series of lessons, which creates obstacles along the road called life, and the past is important as long as it doesn’t become a barrier to us achieving our goals. life is short sometimes too short, there will always be tomorrow but tomorrow doesn’t come, so many times i said TOMORROW or i’ll start MONDAY, whats wrong with today?? as when that day comes i new reason will come to avoid facing change. My journey to understanding nutrition and fitness has been a real learning curve, … Continue reading The Journey